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Avco chemicals manufactures chemical auxiliaries and pigment colors for the textile and techno-textile industries.

  • Production- annual capacity 40,000 Ton. Modern reaction, packing and storage facilities.
  • Full range of products / applications preparation, dyeing, finishing , printing, denim, coating compounds , wastewater treatment.
  • Full range of environmental friendly, bio- degradable “green” products.
  • ISO 9002 and IQ NET total quality management.
  • Dynamics – speedy delivery with maximum flexibility in supply.
  • MARKETING - High standard Technical service team is Avco’s most valuable asset.
  • Field level implement and customized solutions.
  • Quick response to customer needs.
  • Flexibility - customized development, tailor made products, according to customer changing needs.
  • R & D - improves existing products / development of new products maintain Avco’s innovative approach to the constantly changing markets.
  • The R&D crowning glory is the modern highly equipped lab working according to the AATCC, ISO and DIN standards.
  • Established in 1973 by Mr. Avner Cohen and Mr. Zeev Lahat.
    The Production plant was built in Beit Shemesh,Israel.
    AVCO CHEMICALS started to produce pigments and textile auxiliaries for the domestic market.
  • 1987 , Set up of production plant in South Africa.
  • 1990 , Expansion of plant - annual capacity 40,000 Ton. Modern reaction, storage and packing facilities, total plant area - 15,000 sqm, of which 12,500 sqm. built.
  • Set up of international network of sales and distribution agencies: UK, USA France, Belgium, , Portogal etc…
  • 90' , Development of a full range of environmental friendly, bio- degradable “green” products.
  • Avco received outstanding exporter award for 1994 in the field of chemistry from the Israeli Ministry of Industry & Trade.
  • 1997, Registration of ISO 9002 and IQ Net total quality management.
  • Formation of AVCO KIMYEVI - Turkey.
  • 1997 , Set up of production plant in Mexico, 4,500 sqm of which 1,200 sqm. modern factory with production capacity of approx. 6,000 ton/year.
  • 2000 , Establishment of SYNTOCHEM Technologies - reaction synthesis of essential raw materials, intermediates and sophisticated products.
  • 2000 ,SYNTOCHEM established dichlorophene production line.
  • 2001,SYNTOCHEM established waste water treatment department.
  • 2002 , Establishment of CHEMIART, raw materials trading company. 
  • u2004, AVCO have bought MILSTEIN ltd - manufacturer of consumable products for the printing and flexible packaging industry with over than 30 years of experience.The company was merged into AVCO group in Beit Shemesh and CHEMIPRINT was established.
  • C2004, AVCO launched a new I&I laundry range.
  • C2005, AVCO-Vietnam was established.
  • C2005, AVCO launched a new I&I and home care cleaning products range.
  • C2005, USA-EGYPT Trade agreement- QIZ, establishment of AVCO-Egypt.






The R&D department develops new and innovative products adapted to the rapid changes taking place in the fashion world. The R&D staff constantly monitor development in the textile world and adapt products to needs arising from changes in dyeing processes and introduction of modern dyeing and finishing machines.

The R&D department crowning glory is the modern highly equipped textile laboratory, including exhaution dyeing machines, lab jet, padding dyeing and printing machines, Soxhlets, reactors, distillation equipment, computer controlled foam test's and sophisticated color computer that facilitate testing of new products under optimum conditions and development of innovative dyeing and finishing methods.

The department is up to date with the most advanced online databases and all textile E-magazines.

All Products are tested according to the severe AATCC, ISO and DIN standards as the local market textile industry is mainly export minded and products quallity has to meet the high standards demand by the multi- national textile giants end customers such as MARK & SPENCER , GAP, NIKE, VICTORIA SECRET…

The R&D staff, comprising of 80% of graduates of international training courses and universities take credit for the development of a wide range of products, including AVCONTROL, a breakthrough in reactive color dyeing processes, AVCOTAN - a series of synthetic thickeners for dyestuffs printing with reactive dyes. The department has also developed the ELASTOGUM silicone elastomer for special effects in textiles, and BLANKINOL – a ready made, one shot, compounds for hydrogen peroxide bleaching processes…


Safety Health Enviroment

Avco chemicals is committed to the environment responsibly, and recognizes the importance of the health protection of the community, clients and employees.

The R&D departments are constantly updated with the new regulations and technologies, and all ecological aspects are considered from the first steps of development of new products.


Minimized waste
Recycling of water and packages
Air pollution treatment
Waste water treatment
Lowering energy consumption
Reduction use of hazardous raw materials
Safe products

In the production site was established a high tech, modern waste water treatment process including physical chemical process and biological treatment, and all environmental measurements are monitored constantly with excellent results.

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