AVCO-ANTIMIGRANT D is a padding auxiliary for preventing dye migration during the intermediate drying of fabrics made from synthetic and cellulosic fibres and their blends.
ANTIMIGRANT D can be used for dyeing with pigments and disperse dyestuffs.


Appearance Almost colourless, clear viscous liquid
Chemical nature Co- polymerization product based on poly acrylic acids
Compatibility with: Anionic compounds: Compatible
Nonionic compounds: Compatible
Cationic compounds: Not compatible
Heavy metal ions: Not compatible
Density at 1.05 – 1.07 20°C (gr/cc)
Ionicity Anionic
pH (1% sol.) 7 ± 1
Solubility Soluble in water in any ratio
Stable to: Acids, Alkalis, Water hardness } Good under the conditions normally encountered in practice
Storage stability Solidifies at O°C, fully suitable for use after thawing out. Shelf life is at least 12 months.


  1. Simple handling, ready solubility.
  2. Only a slight increase in the viscosity of the padding liquor.
  3. No deposits on the deflecting rollers.
  4. Suitable for pigments vats and for disperse dyes.
  5. Prevention of dye migration during intermediate drying and thermosolizing of
    fabrics dyed with pigments or disperse dyes.
  6. Appreciable improvement in the appearance of dyeing on cotton and rayon staple
  7. Appreciable improvement in the appearance of the dyeing and optimum dye yield,
    when fabrics made from, or with synthetic fibres are padded by the thermosol
  8. No retarding action.
  9. Good washing off properties, even after dry heat treatments of the fabric, the
    high swell-ability and solubility of the AVCO-ANTIMIGRANT D film is retained.


Before use AVCO-ANTIMIGRANT D is diluted with cold or warm water (1:3-1:5), and added to the padding liquor.Stock solutions 1:10 can be pumped direct from the storage container into the padding machines.

The following concentrations are recommended:

  1. For dyeing cellulosic fabrics
    use: 10 – 20 g/l AVCO-ANTIMIGRANT D
  2. For dyeing blends of synthetic with cellulosic fibres
    use: 10 – 30 g/l AVCO-ANTIMIGRANT D
  3. For dyeing 100% synthetic fabrics
    use: 10-30 g/l AVCO-ANTIMIGRANT D