A wide range of versatile preparation, bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing auxiliaries suitable for fashion-wear, home textiles and technical fabrics produced with all kinds of textile fibers, various textile machines and updated dyeing and finishing processes.

Wide range of detergents, wetting agents, deaerating agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, complexants and bleaching additives designed for maximum absorbency, hydrophility and whiteness of treated textiles.


All needed dyeing auxiliaries for all classes of dyestuffs, including leveling agents buffers, alkali and acid donors, carriers, retarders, oxidizing and reducing agents and fixing agents designed to obtain high colour yields, best levelness of dyes textiles and top grade fastness properties.


Thickeners, binders antimigrants, emulsifiers, pigment dispersions, ready made printing and coating pastes along with all kinds of additives needed for dyestuffs and pigment printing on textile fabrics. The range includes ready made coating compounds such as back-coating of tuffted and woven carpets, black-out coating of curtaining, hydrophobic coating of table cloth etc.


All kinds of finishing agents such as softeners, stiffeners, water repellents, fire-retardants, hydrophilic and antistatic finishing agents, designed to obtain all kinds of finishing effect required by the textile end – user.