AVCO-FIXATOR 600 is a special additive to pigment printing pastes, which can improve wash fastness and wet rubbing fastness of prints with high concentration of pigments.
Use of AVCO – FIXATOR 600 can increase wet rubbing fastness by 0.5-1 degrees. The product is fomaldehyde free and stands the ECOTEX regulations.
AVCO-FIXATOR 600 is used for repair work of sub-standard pigment prints and dyeings,
to improve wet fastness properties.


Appearance Acrylic co-polymer dispersion in water.
Chemical nature Milk like, slightly viscous sticky liquid.
Compatibility Can be used with all products used in pigment printing and dyeing processes.
Is not compatible with cationic, alkalis and acids.
Film properties Colourless hard film, needs curing at temperatures above
120°C for 3 minutes.
Ionicity Anionic
pH 9 (as is) 7 – 9
Solubility Can be mixed with water at any ratio.
Storage Sensitive to frost. Store in closed containers. When properly stored, storage stability is at least 12 months.


  1. Printing with low free formaldehyde
    Use AVCO-FIXATOR 600 in the pigment printing paste at a level of 20% on the amount of binder used (30-50 gr/kg). Use of AVCO-FIXATOR 600 is instead of melamine-formaldehyde resins.
    Add the product to the printing paste together with the binder.
    Paste preparation, printing and curing procedures are same as with regular pigment printing process.
  2. Improving wash fastness and crocking fastness of pigment printed fabrics
    Pad the sub-standard fabric in the following solution:
    AVCO-BINDER SPC 30-50g/l
    AVCO-FIXATOR 600 30-50g/l
    AVCOSOFT NIC30-50g/l
    ammonium-sulfate 2-3g/l
    Dry and cure at 160-180°C for 1-2 minutes.
    Once a container of the product has been opened, the contents should be used as soon as possible. After product has been taken out, the container must be properly resealed to avoid skin formation when exposed to air.