AVCOL PAM is a surfactant specially manufactured to remove and suspend residual acid dyes from printed and dyed polyamide fabrics.


Appearance Slightly yellowish clear liquid
Chemical nature Aqueous preparation of poly- ethoxylated surfactants and protective colloids.
Compatibility Compatible with mild acids and alkalies.
Ionicity Nonionic / anionic
pH (10% sol.) 7 ± 0.5
Solubility Miscible with water at any ratio.
Storage Freezes below O°C. Fully usable after thawing. Stable for at least 12 months.


  1. AVCOL PAM enables rapid removal of synthetic and natural thickeners from the
    printed fabrics.
  2. AVCOL PAM removes and suspends unfixed dyes.
  3. AVCOL PAM keeps unfixed dyes in water dispersion, and prevents redeposition and
    staining of white and colored grounds of the printed fabrics.
  4. Keeps white areas clean and bright.
  5. Assures clear and bright shades, with better crock and wash fastness.
  6. While printing polyamide blends with cellulosic fibres, AVCOL PAM keeps acid dyes
    from staining the cellulosic fibres.
  7. Low foaming surfactant.
  8. Liquid product which can be dosed as is.


  1. Batch Operation:
    In a batch type machine (winch, jig, beam or jet) use the following procedure:
    • Rinse with cold water until no additional bleeding occurs, with the following recipe:
      AVCOL PAM 1 – 2 g/l
      soda ash1 – 2 g/l
    • Scour with a fresh bath at 50-60°C for 30 minutes with the following recipe:
      AVCOL PAM 1 – 2 g/l
      soda ash1 – 2 g/l
    • Rinse and neutralize with Acetic-acid.
    • Treat with AVCOFIX NYL (2-4% o.w.g.) if needed.
  2. Continuous Operation:

    In continuous washing machine use the following procedure:

    Box No. 1 – cold rinse with 1-2 g/l soda ash.
    Box No. 2 – cold rinse with 1 g/l AVCOL PAM
    Box No. 3 – warm rinse (50°C) with1 – 2 g/l AVCOL PAM
    1 – 2 g/l soda ash
    Box No. 4-5- repeat No. 3 at 60°C
    Box No. 6-7- rinse at 30-40°C

    To improve wash fastness a treatment with AVCOFIX NYL (2-4% o.w.g.) in the last box or in a separate application is recommended.

    • Washing off should be done with soft water. If the water are not soft enough add a complexing agent such as AVCOTRYL DF or AVCO-POLYQUEST RE.
    • In order to prevent staining of white areas in printed fabrics, addition of caustic soda (1-2 cc/l) to the first cold rinse is recommended