AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 is a unique blend of surface active and protective colloids which give the dyer the opportunity to use one product for all wet processes in preparation, bleaching and dyeing of textiles.AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 is used for scouring, bleaching, dyeing, dye stripping and leveling of direct, reactive and vat dyestuffs. The product contains a special component which prevents redepositing of soil from the water back to the fabric, so it can be used in one step scouring and dyeing of polyester and polyester cotton.


Appearance Colourless, slightly viscous liquid.
Chemical nature Blend of surface active agents, solubilizers and polymers.
Compatibility Good stability towards hard water, electrolytes, alkalis÷and acids as used in textile preparation and dyeing processes.
Ionicity Nonionic.
pH (of 10% sol.) 7 ± 1
Solubility Soluble in water at any proportion.
Storage Freezes at 0°C, fully utilizable again after thawing and stirring. Shelf life is at least 12 months.


AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 is a multi-purpose product, and can be used for various applications such as one step scouring dyeing, bleaching aid, machine cleaning, soaping and many more.
Following are some examples:
  1. One step scouring and high temperature dyeing of polyester and Polyester cotton.

    Add 1-3 g/l of AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 to the dyeing machine. Load the fabrics, treat for 5-10 minutes at 40-50°C and start the HT dyeing process.
  2. One step scouring and dyeing of polyamid fabrics
    Add 1-3 g/l AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200. Load the fabrics. Treat for 5-10 minutes at 30-40°C, and start the usual dyeing process.
  3. Bleaching aid

    AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 is used for improving the absorbency and whiteness of cotton fabrics in a post reductive bleaching process after the peroxide bleaching step.
    Use the following recipe:
    AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 1-2 gr/l
    Sodium-Hydrosulfit 2-4 gr/l
    Caustic Soda (50%) 2-4 gr/l
    Treat at 70-80°C for 15-20 minutes followed by hot and cold rinse.

  4. Union dyeing of cationic and anionic dyestuff.

    Use 1-2 gr/l of AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 as an anti-precipitant in one bath dyeing of cationic and acid dyestuffs.

  5. Dyestuff stripping

    Use 2-3 gr/l AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 together with a reducing agent and caustic soda.

  6. Machine cleaning

    Use 2-3 g/l AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 together with hydrosulfite and caustic soda.

  7. Soaping off Reactives

    Use 0.5 -1 g/l AVCO-LEVOLUZE 200 in the normal soaping process. High fastness properties are achieved.

    Because of the many possibilities of using this special product, contact AVCO laboratory for specific information.