AVCO-RON WXF is a non surface-active dispersing agent specially developed for the washing-off of cellulose fabrics and yarns dyed and printed with reactive dyestuffs.
It contains in its composition special dye affinitive co-polymer and complexing agents.
Use of AVCO-RON WXF in reactive dyeing enables to shorten the washing off process, and to save water and energy. The product imparts to the treated goods a high level of washing fastness properties with less rinsing baths.
AVCO-RON WXF keeps its excellent washing off efficiency even when the soaping bath contains residues of salts from the previous dyeing steps.


Appearance Clear, light yellowish liquid.
Chemical nature Aqueous compound of speial co-polymer and phosphonates.
Density (g/cc) 1.16 – 1.18
Ionic type Anionic.
Solubility Soluble in water at any proportion.
pH (10%) 5 – 6
Compatibility Compatible with hard water, alkalis and mild acids. Is not compatible with cationic products.
Storage stability Stable for at least 12 months.


1. AVCO-RON WXF prevents the re-deposition of the hydrolyzed reactive dyes onto the fibres surface.

2. AVCO-RON WXF removes reactive dye hydrolysate from the fibres surface.

3. AVCO-RON WXF is sequestering and dispersing calcium and magnesium present in the water and prevents the precipitation of the hydrolyzed reactive dyes with the metal ions.

4. The product reduces the required number of soaping and rinsing baths.

5. The action of AVCO-RON WXF is independent of salt residues in the washing bath.

6. It is possible to wash the printed fabrics even with hard water with no risk of precipitation of calcium alginate and water hardness.

7. It is non-foaming at all, and can be used in all types of high-speed jets.

8. AVCO-RON WXF is a liquid product, and can be pumped very easily to the washing machine.

9. AVCO-RON WXF has no influence on dyestuffs containing metal complexes in the molecule structure, and produces no change in shade and no decrease in normal light fastness of reactive dyestuffs.

10. Improves the rubbing and the washing fastnesses of dyed and printed goods.

11. AVCO-RON WXF is recommended for batch and for continuous dyeing processes.


The general dosage recommended is 1-3 g/l.

For critical dyes such as reactive turquoise it is recommended to apply a fixing agent such as 1-2% of AVCO-FIX FFC (fixing agent free of formaldehyde) after the soaping-off process.


Soaping-off reactives in jets(Vinyl-sulfone dyes):
1 Rinse cold (10 minutes with overflow)
2 Neutralize with acetic acid
3 Rinse at 50°C (pH should be 6-8)
4 Boil with 1-3 g/l AVCO-RON WXF.
5 Rinse at 80°C
6 Rinse at 60°C
Soaping off reactives in jets

(MCT dyes):

1 Rinse cold (10 minutes with overflow)
2 Rinse at 70°C
3 Rinse at 70°C
4 Boil with 1-3 g/l AVCO-RON WXF.
5 Rinse at 80°C
6 Rinse at 60°C

For dark shades the boil stage should be repeated.

Soaping-off reactives in open width continuous washing machines:

(Fabrics dyed by pad-batch method with silicate)

Box no. 1 – – Rinse cold with overflow.

Box no. 2 – 40° – Rinse warm.

Box no. 3 – 70°C – Rinse hot.

Box no. 4 – 95°C – Soap at the boil with 1-2 g/l AVCO-RON WXF.

Box no. 5 – 95°C – Soap at the boil with 1-2 g/l AVCO-RON WXF.

Box no. 6 – 95°C – Soap at the boil.

Box no. 7 – 70°C – Rinse hot.

Box no. 8 – 40°C – Rinse warm.

Counter current from box 8 to box 4.

Feeding liquor to box no. 5.