AVCOSLIP LB is a crease inhibitor which acts in jet dyeing machines, winches, drums and paddle dyeing machines as a lubricant and also as a special levelling agent for disperse, reactive and direct dyes.
AVCOSLIP LB has no effect on dye yields and develops practically no foam.


Appearance White, slightly viscous liquid.
Composition Aqueous preparation of fatty acid esters.
Density Approx. 1.0
Ionicity Nonionic/anionic
pH (10% sol.) 7 – 8
Resistance to: Acids, Alkalis, Electrolytes Water hardness Good under the conditions normally encountered in practice.
Solubility Emulsifiable in cold or hot water.
  1. Freezes at O°C, fully usable after thawing and stirring.
  2. Do not store in direct sun and in hot places. If separation occurs, can be restored by stirring.
  3. Stable for at least 12 months.


  1. AVCOSLIP LB acts as a crease inhibitor in boiling off, bleaching and dyeing of
    textiles fabrics in rope form in piece dyeing machines.
  2. Woven and knitted fabrics made from polyester, polyamide or cellulosic fibres and
    their blends have remarkably improved running properties on overflow machines,
    jet dyeing machines and winches. AVCOSLIP LB prevents the formation of rope
    creases and
    tears. This lubricant is particularly suitable for use in the airflow jet.
  3. Levelling of disperse, reactive and direct dyes is promoted. Heating up can be
    accelerated and migration times in the dyeing cycle considerably reduced without
    substantial loss of dye yield. AVCOSLIP LB has been found to have good
    compatibility with liquors containing sulphur, vat and wool dyes.
  4. In machines with high dye liquor turbulence AVCOSLIP LB does not have any
    tendency to foam.
  5. In dyeing and other treatment processes on paddle and drum dyeing machines, levelli
    can be improved by AVCOSLIP LB and chafe marks on folds are prevented. Softening can
    be carried out with less softener because AVCOSLIP LB imparts to the fabrics a softer
  6. AVCOSLIP LB is an excellent crease inhibitor in finishing of denim garments.


Addition of AVCOSLIP LB is calculated on the weight of the goods. After a change of bath, only part of the full amount of AVCOSLIP LB need to be added to the liquor because, owing to the products good substantivity, the slip properties of the fabric are largely retained. AVCOSLIP LB is added in diluted form to the treatment liquor and fed into the dyeing machine via a stock or expansion tank, before the goods are entered. The dyes are added after running for several minutes.
Recommended dosage of AVCOSLIP LB is the following:

1 – 2 g/l AVCOSLIP LB calculated on the total liquor

1 – 3% AVCOSLIP LB based on fabric weight.