AVCOSLIP PAS is a special polymeric anticrease agent, developed to overcome problems of folds and rope marks when dyeing delicate synthetic fabrics in jets, winch becks and garment dyeing machines.



Appearance Clear, slightly yellowish viscous liquid.
Chemical nature Polyamide derivative in aqueous solution.
Compatibility Compatible with all types of chemicals normally used in preparation and dyeing synthetic fabrics.
Density 1.01 – 1.03 g/ cc
Ionicity Nonionic
pH (1% sol.) 5 ± 1
Solubility Miscible with water at any ratio.
Storage Product is sensitive to frost. Fully usable after thawing and stirring Shelf life is at least 12 months.


  1. Prevents formation of folds and rope marks in sensitive fabrics, such as
    polyester, polyamide, acetate, acrylic and wool.
  2. Prevents formation of running creases in low liquor ratio dyeing machines.
  3. Excellent results with micro – fibre fabrics.
  4. Improves absorbency.
  5. Suitable for preparation, bleaching and dyeing baths.
  6. Suitable for a wide pH range.
  7. Improves anti – soiling affect.
  8. Can be used with hard water.



Before use the product should be pre – diluted in warm water while stirring (40 – 60°C).
Dosage recommendation is 0.5 – 2 g/l AVCOSLIP PAS.
If possible add the product to the liquor before loading the fabric.