AVCOSON ABR is an activated oxidizing agent used in dyeing with sulphur, sulphur vat and vat dyes.
AVCOSON ABR is successfully replacing use of poisonous bi-chromates in continuous dyeing ranges.


Appearance Colourless clear liquid
Chemical nature Activated bromate solution
Compatibility AVCOSON ABR is not compatible with reducing substances and should not be mixed with acids. Formic Acid or acetic acid should not be used for pH adjustment.
Density (gr/cc 25°C) App. 1.13
Ionicity Anionic
pH (10% sol.) 8 ± 0.5
Resistance to: Acids,Alkalis, Electrolytes , Water- hardness Not resistant


Solubility Miscible with water at any ratio
Storage stability
  1. Store sealed in a cool place. Do not store in direct sun. AVCOSON ABR is an oxidizing agent and is sensitive to organic substances such as wood, dust, oils, etc.
  2. The product solidifies at -2°C, and is fully usable after being thawed-out and stirred with a rod.
  3. The product does not burn, but it can increase the ignition of flammable materials.
  4. When properly stored, storage stability is at least 12 months.


  1. Oxidation in an open width washer:
    • Set oxidizing bath with:
      AVCOSON ABR 2 – 5 g/l
      Acetic Acid to pH = 4 – 4.53 cc/l
      Treat at 70°C.

    • Oxidation should be followed by a hot rinse (70°C) and a warm rinse (50°C).
    • Replenish oxidation bath with:
      1% AVCOSON ABR, 2% Acetic Acid. Dosing is based on the weight of the goods per unit time
  2. Oxidation by the exhaust process:
    • a.Set bath with:
      1-1.5 % AVCOSON ABR
      2-3 cc/l Acetic Acid to pH = 4-4.5
    • b.Start cold and heat up to 70°C.
    • c.Continue oxidation for 15-20 minutes.
    • d.Oxidation should be followed by a hot rinse and a cold rinse.
  1. Undiluted AVCOSON ABR is a strong oxidizing material, which can ignite flammable products when in close touch.
  2. Wet or dried residues of AVCOSON ABR are strong oxidizing materials, and should be cleaned as soon as possible with a stream of water.
  3. AVCOSON ABR reacts violently with strong reducing agents and with acids.